Sunday, February 13, 2011

IYC Celebration

Celebration of IYC 2011
International Year of Chemistry 2011
Celebrate International Year of Chemistry : Start your chemistry blog at
An effective way of celebrating IYC 2011 is educating peoples about importance of chemistry in life. It could be done either by writing, giving lectures or publishing e-contents like blogs , websites etc in native languages. The main purpose should be common people as well as who are interested in chemistry get clear doubts.
If you like to start a chemical science related new blog with custom subdomain at, Please leave a comment and follow this blog. 
Some Ideas:          A blog dealing with Historical aspect of chemistry
                         A blog dealing with Natural Product Chemistry
                     And so one. 

Email me to configure your blog (Currently supporting  Blogger, Google Sites, Yola, self-hosted Wordpress)

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